DOX Vision

Create a comfortable and healthy working and living environment in a moving and sustainable society

DOX Pillars

Service & quality: Customer oriented

DOX aims to unburden customers in terms of acoustics. A team of skilled and driven employees monitors every project from A to Z and offers total solutions tailored to the customer and the project. Our highly differentiated range consists of high-quality and effective products that meet our quality requirements.

Urbanizing society: Well-being & comfort

DOX wants to respond to the changing challenges arising from the urbanization of society and the effect of noise on our health and performance. Acoustics is inextricably linked to social and physical comfort.

Sustainability and the circular model: Acoustics as a Service

DOX is committed to the circular story and focuses on acoustic solutions that guarantee a long life cycle with a view to reusability and recyclability, in order to minimize pressure on the environment, the climate and the decreasing raw materials. We aim to contribute to a balanced and healthy future for our children. We work together with European producers and invest in local products.

In the context of circular construction and unburdening the customer, we are looking for innovative partners to jointly develop circular projects and services, tailored for tomorrow: “Acoustics as a Service“.


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